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    Extra Examples

  • Competition has its disadvantages.

  • Despite these disadvantages, many older people maintain an active social life.

  • Lack of qualifications is an obvious disadvantage.

  • Some students were at an unfair disadvantage.

  • The fog was giving them a tactical disadvantage.

  • The plan’s advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

  • The present system has the disadvantage that nobody really understands how it works.

  • There are disadvantages in using this treatment.

  • There are disadvantages to all those approaches.

  • There was no reason for her to feel at a disadvantage.

  • These requirements will have to be standardized if some banks are not to suffer a competitive disadvantage.

  • This change in the law will be to the disadvantage of small companies.

  • This put them at a crippling cost disadvantage.

  • We were at a distinct disadvantage compared with children from richer families.

  • another disadvantage for the night-worker

  • the disadvantage experienced by older people in the workplace

  • the inherent disadvantage that low-income communities face

  • the problems of racial disadvantage and poverty