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Tricep Exercises using Dumbbells

Triceps Exercises Using Dumbbells

Isolating those triceps takes little more than a pair of dumbbells and time. These exercises work best as part of a full arm workout, but if targeting your triceps with dumbbells is your goal – look no further.

Why Use Dumbbells?

Some people just don’t get on with barbells – and that’s okay. If you’re hitting plateaus, don’t feel confident, or just aren’t see the results you were expecting from barbell workouts – dumbbells are the way forward. Plus, it’s easier to store a bench and dumbbells at home than it is a full Olympic size barbell. Some things just make sense.



Triceps Kickbacks

This ultra-simple triceps exercise can be done with or without a bench, making it easy to do at home if you can’t make it to the gym.

How to do it:

  1. Hold a dumbbell in each hand, with your arms bent at 90-degrees.

  2. Lean forwards (hinging at the hips), until you’re almost parallel with the floor.

  3. Keep your upper arm still, and straighten your arm out.

  4. Hold a moment, then return to your original position.

  5. Repeat.



Skullcrushers sound intimidating, but are beginner-friendly and you can start as light as you need. Skullcrushers target your triceps and are a must-have for any total arm workout.

How to do it:

  1. To start you’ll need to use a flat gym bench, lying on your back with legs to either side or resting comfortably on the footrest.

  2. Get into your starting position by holding a dumbbell of your preferred weight in both hands, extended straight up above your chest and with the shaft in a vertical position.

  3. Move the dumbbell down towards the back of your head by bending and flexing your elbows, trying to keep your upper arms straight and at a right angle to your body.

  4. Continue lowering the dumbbell behind your head until the top lines up with the edge of the bench. You can stay a little higher if this is too difficult.

  5. Now bring it back to the starting position by reversing your movement, ending with the dumbbell once again extended in a straight line up from your chest.

  6. Try to avoid locking your arms at the starting position

  7. And repeat! It’s that simple. Just make sure you keep an extra tight grip on your weight to avoid any accidents.


Dumbbell Pullovers

You can do this as a single-arm pullover, or with a dumbbell in each hand. Either way, you’re pulling some weight over your head using your upper body.

How to do it:

  1. Lie on your back on the floor, with your feet flat and knees bent.

  2. Hold the dumbbells out over you, as if you’d pressed them, but turn your palms inward.

  3. Lower the dumbbells back behind your head in an arc over your face.

  4. Hold the position a moment, then raise the dumbbells back to over your chest. Make sure your arms remain fully extended.

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