Drop-In Classes

Summer 2023 Group Classes are scheduled! Registration OPEN SOON.  


No prior experience required. Learn (or review) essential ballet positions of feet, legs, arms, and torso. Use ballet training exercises at the barre for posture, balance and strength. Learn how to stretch for increased flexibility and range of motion. Wear close fitting clothing and ballet slippers.

Some dance experience will be helpful. This one hour class will consist mainly of a classical ballet barre, with one or two center sequences at the end. A great class to get back into ballet, or continue further from the intro course or if you’ve had some training before.

Ballet workout begins with a floor barre with bands to stretch and strengthen your core and then proceeds to a standing barre for balance, posture, and alignment ending with a graceful, fluid center of contemporary ballet combinations for agility and coordination. Open to all levels. 

Learn the fundamentals of the main three barbell lifts: squat, deadlift, and bench press in a safe space. This class will cover the progressions of the lifts, the technique, and address form breakdowns. The class will be programmed so that participants gain more confidence in the lifts through practice. This will also allow participants to test their strength with a 5, 3, or 1 rep maximum at the end of the session.

A high-cardio workout that tones the whole body. Routines set to motivating music combine moves taken from kick-boxing, interval training, and plyometrics. No experience or equipment necessary. Beginners are welcome. 

This practice is designed to increase heart rate and burn calories.  Attention to alignment will be stressed to stabilize the core and build strength.  This class is best suited for those with some Yoga experience who are looking for a full body workout but modifications will be offered to allow newer students to participate and safely progress to an intermediate level. 

Core ain’t just your abs.  Join in working all muscles attached to your hips, and be hip enough to really work your core!  

Come learn the fast paced, hip isolating, foot stomping, arm waving and strong movements of Afro-Caribbean which combines movement styles from African and West Indian forms of dance.  This highly aerobic  class is taught to soca, dancehall, reggae, calypso and drums!
For those who would benefit from a modified or slower-aced yoga class, and for anyone seeking a meditative, relaxing practice. Classes will include gentle movement for flexibility and joint mobility without strain; restorative poses, and meditative techniques, with an emphasis on breathing techniques to foster greater body awareness, concentration and focus. A perfect class to de-stress the body and mind. 

This class is designed to create energetic balance and well being.  Hatha aims to align the active and passive aspects of our nervous systems.  Through postures, breathwork and mindful movement this practice will decrease stress and lead students to a place of calm.  Suitable for all levels, this lunchtime break will provide an active component and time for stillness generating physical well being and enhanced clarity–a workout for body, mind and spirit!

No previous dance experience is necessary. Learn the newest dance steps that permeate the American popular culture. Street-style dance combinations along with basic jazz movements. Jazz sneakers are recommended, but NOT necessary. 

Prerequisite: Hip-Hop Dance/Beginner or equivalent experience. Get your feet wet. Fall up and get down. Take your hip-hop dance skills to the next level. Challenge yourself with energetic dance combinations that incorporate all technical and freestyle aspects of hip-hop. Sneakers, jazz shoes, or jazz sneakers are required.
All the basics of weight training for all ages & levels of fitness. Set a strong foundation of proper breathing & form technique. Free weights like dumbbells, kettlebells, and barbells will all be touched on starting from simple exercises to more complex movements as the semester progresses. 

Learn this unique, upbeat and fun American dance form. Emphasis on rhythms and isolations with high energy combinations that will improve body awareness and tone. All are welcome regardless of dance experience.

In this class we will use modern and contemporary dance techniques for a thorough warm-up to get our bodies ready for full out dancing.  We will combine dynamic elements from various techniques and styles, moving through space, dancing each as our individual self and yet together as a group, in the air, on the floor, and everywhere in between, using imagery, musicality and functionality to inform our movement. Wear comfortable clothing that you can move in easily, wear socks (jazz shoes, or ballet shoes if you prefer) and have some layers you can add or remove for comfort.  Some dance experience suggested, but anyone is welcome to try.

Learn to stretch safely and efficiently using the techniques developed by Joseph A. Pilates for the execution of controlled body movements designed to balance strength with flexibility. The class improves posture and makes muscles stronger and more flexible. This is a mat class only.
Learn about weight training in a less intimidating setting like the gym floor. This class is focused on introducing strength training to those that would prefer a small studio setting as opposed to the more open gym floor. Gain more confidence, knowledge, and strength to tackle your fitness goals.

Learn easy to follow steps, body movements in solo dancing and partnering fundamentals in Salsa (on1/on2), Salsa Choke, Mambo, Cha Cha, boogaloo, Pachanga, Afro Cuban, Son, Latin Jazz, etc. This open level dance class combines footwork, spin turn aerobics, slow groove body isolation to build, burn and tone the whole body while dancing to various salsa rhythm. No dance or fitness experience needed. Open to ALL.

Spin your way to fitness in this fierce bike workout that uses rhythm and music to motivate you for high intensity. First timers and pro pacers can all work together using variable resistance on the stationary bicycles.
A class that uses a dance approach to increase range of motion and flexibility; and to strengthen specific muscle groups important for many dance techniques.  Wear comfortable clothes and socks, and start off your Sunday with expansion and mobility using breath and imagery and functionality.  No prior experience necessary.

An aerobic dance based class that combines interval training resistance and cardio with Latin Dance steps and Latin music.