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Product Details

Atman AT-105S 37W stable, uniform quality aquarium water pump, can run sink or dry

– Model: AT-105s
– Manufacturer: Atman

– Voltage: 220-240V / 50Hz
– Output: 37W
– Maximum height: 3m
– Maximum water flow: 3000l / h
– Size: 14.5x8x16cm

Quiet pump: Apply energy saving technology, quiet pump design when operating
Ceramic shaft: Using ceramic shaft hand with good abrasion resistance, it can work continuously.
Low cost energy saving: Compared to traditional u-type synchronous water pumps, the pump line saves 50% energy and efficiency

The built-in temperature protection device can prevent the water pump from overheating and prevent the engine from burning and safety.
The rotor propeller is made of a powerful permanent magnet, more energy-saving
Quality: The pump is high quality, the pump water flow is stable and strong.
Environment of use: Can be used as a water pump for sea water and fresh water
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