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  • The benefit of massage extends into my day to day wellness because she understands body mechanics and identifies habits potentially causing aches and knots. Grace has great awareness of the body, she is thorough, sensitive and very effective.

    Grace has been my massage therapist for many years. She has a natural talent for assessment, touch and treatment always finding the right techniques and pressure to meet my needs. Grace is serious about addressing pain and discomfort. She incorporates heat compresses as well as aromatherapy.

    I love you, Grace, and I wish you all the best in your new adventure. I know you will succeed because you are a wonderful talented and a magnet for success.

    I first met Grace many years ago when a friend suggested that I go see her for a great massage. Great was a vast understatement. Grace gave me, by far, the best massage that I had ever had on that first visit and still I continue to go to her to this day. Every massage since that first one has been the best one I’ve ever had. In addition to being professionally skilled and having, as I always tell her, “Hands from God”, Grace is a sincere, kind, and humble person – a true inspiration. Grace has become a dear friend, my body’s doctor and my mind’s sounding board. I am so happy to have her in my life.

    I had been dealing with back pain for years due to a sports injury. I made an appointment with Grace and from the first session, I noticed improvement in my back. I had less pain and increase range of movement. Since then, I have continued my physical therapy with Grace for the several years. She is not only skilled in various types of massage techniques, she also has a calming personality and a natural intuition for knowing where to focus her attention to alleviate tension and pain.

    When Grace started teaching yoga, I wanted to take her class because I knew she gives 100% percent of herself to whatever she does. As a yoga instructor, Grace brings her energy and dedication to every class. Her classes are challenging but fun. I would recommend Grace to anyone who needs high quality physical therapy or wants a great place to go for yoga and physical fitness. Grace has a deep desire to help people reach their full potential.

    Darryl Bailey