BMW 5-Series E34 (1989-1996) Parts and Accessories – Pelican Parts

The BMW 5-series E34 is the third (3rd) generation of the BMW 5-series and was available from 1989 through 1996. Initially launched with the classic 5-series 4-door sedan styling, this generation of 5-series BMWs marks the first to be available in the wagon (aka Touring) style. Other firsts include the first 5-series to have a V8 engine and all-wheel drive (although in Europe only). The E34 boasted greater technical excellence than the legendary E28 5-series that it followed, with superior electronics, build quality and luxury that made it a formidable and reasonably upscale entry into the mid-size luxury sedan segment. Designed by Ercole Spada and later finalized by J Mays, the E34 seemed to borrow much of the styling on the BMW E32 7-series, known for its aerodynamics yet also seen as heavier and less nimble than its predecessor. Models through the years include the BMW 525i from 1989-1995, the BMW 535i from 1989-1993, the BMW E34 M5 from 1991-1993, and the BMW 530i and 540i from 1994-1995. The E34 was eventually succeeded by the BMW 5-series E39, and the car that came after the E34 M5 was the E39 M5, often considered to be the best M5 of all.

Fun fact: The first 5-series wagon was the BMW 525i Touring, introduced in 1991.