At a disadvantage in a sentence (esp. good sentence like quote, proverb…)

1. He’s at a disadvantage being so shy.

2. His inability to speak English puts him at a disadvantage when he attends international conferences.

3. We were put at a disadvantage.

4. I felt at a disadvantage.

5. My father thought that I’d be at a disadvantage if I wrote left-handed.

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6. His inability to speak French puts him at a disadvantage.

7. The new rules may put European farmers at a disadvantage .

8. There was no reason for her to feel at a disadvantage.

9. Anyone who can’t use a computer is at a disadvantage these days.

10. I was at a disadvantage compared to the younger members of the team.

11. He was at a disadvantage because of the poor education he had received.

12. After all, we’re the ones at a disadvantage.

13. It puts them at a disadvantage.

14. Many lawyers in commerce and industry are at a disadvantage over Woolf, compared to their private practice brethren.

15. Problems of language and skills will place them at a disadvantage.There was, however, no evidence of worry as yet.

16. This puts small inventors at a disadvantage because they do not have entire legal departments to represent them.

17. But even within Clarendon County, Summerton is at a disadvantage because it is so small.

18. Artists can be at a disadvantage in group exhibitions as only a small part of their activity can be seen.

19. They are at a disadvantage in the job market because of lower education and training levels, cultural prejudice and domestic responsibilities.

20. The fact that he didn’t speak a foreign language put him at a disadvantage.

21. In this way there is less chance of being caught at a disadvantage or being ambushed by circumstances.

22. Other nations worry that the technology will put their own farmers at a disadvantage.

23. It was the only time in her life that she had noticed her maternal grandmother at a disadvantage, on the defensive.

24. Though normally good-natured and easygoing, Paul hated to be at a disadvantage.

25. These are urgent issues because the few charities that bend or break the rules put the law-abiding majority at a disadvantage.

26. In a room enlivened by a colony intelligence, visitors are at a disadvantage.

27. Rejected at that level, he was back to square one, at a disadvantage.

28. Some may argue that democratic investment clubs put members at a disadvantage in times of high volatility, limiting their flexibility.

29. So, except during a few warm days in summer, a white coat would seem to put its wearer at a disadvantage.

30. Secrecy confers power on those who know the secret while those who do not are at a disadvantage.