2020 BMW X2: Review, Trims, Specs, Price, New Interior Features, Exterior Design, and Specifications | CarBuzz

While its smaller demeanor may be a downfall when you consider interior space and trunk size, it’s a huge pro for the X2’s attitude to handling. From the driver’s seat, the X2 feels like a feisty hatchback and as you spend more time in the cabin, you’ll have to work extra hard to remind yourself that you’re piloting an SUV. The X2 is a joy to throw into corners and offers just the right amount of predictability for one to feel connected to the car. While we could use this section to sing the X2’s praises for its athleticism and agility from start to finish, we have to note that all of the fun comes at a price. Ride quality isn’t one of the BMW’s primary focus points, and while 28i models offer a relatively comfortable daily drive, the M35i’s sporty suspension may result in the need for one or two kidney donors. No X2 is excruciatingly uncomfortable to drive, but face the SUV with the knowledge that it’s not going to devote its time to cushioning any of your precious bits on an uncivilized path. Now that we’ve handled a flaw, we can move on to the nippy and satisfyingly weighted steering offered by the nimble X2, and if you can live with the jarring ride, the X2 will reward you.