ISK professional drum set microphone series is designed especially for percussive drum, jazzy drum and other instruments.Packing with portable plastic case, which is slinky and durable, the package is also has a good crashworthy effect with the insert pearl foam. The professional assembly for drum sets enables different type of instruments’ sound to be transmitted by a suitable type of microphone: Bass drum mic is designed specially for kick drums and low frequency musical instruments due to its exceptional frequency response; Tabour mic is ideal for tom-toms and snare drums; Condenser mic is excellent in reproducing the sounds of cymbals, pianos, etc. All the drum microphones are designed with the standard thread 5/8` or 3/8` (with adapters included), to match with all kinds of microphone stands and a standard XLR (F) connector to match with all kinds of audio instruments. The DSM-7B set including: 1 x BDM-2 bass drum mic 4 x TDM-2 tabour mic 2 x CM-30 condenser mic 4 x SDH037 drum clamp 2 x SKSE115 condenser mic clamp 1 x Packing with a plastic carrying case and foam inserts. Please feel free to contact me with any information. The microphones have been used a couple times. I purchased them with the ambition of setting up drum recordings but I have not got the time anymore. All microphones have been fully tested and there are no issues to report, aside from the windshields having disappeared from the overhead/ambient condenser microphones.