poke fun at somebody | meaning of poke fun at somebody in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English | LDOCE

poke fun at somebody

In fact, one of his most

poke fun at


In fact, one of his most endearing qualities was his ability to puncture his own pomposity andhimself.

He carries on

pokes fun at

his own

He carries on conversations with the fans, jokes with refs , andhis own players

I was even

poke fun at


I was even afraid lest any-oneme.

A whole

poke fun at

Microsoft and its

A whole category of jokes has been created toMicrosoft and its operating system, Windows 95.

started to censorship

poke fun at

Mr Newspapers started to defy the strict imposed during the coup and toMr Serrano

Again and again these

poke fun at

the lexicography.

Again and again these feminist lexicographers refuse and indeedthe authoritative pronouncements of mainstream

It’s time you

poke fun at

the real thing.

It’s time you scrapped your overwritten early loves and learned tothe real thing.

At the moment he cheerily

pokes fun at

the Tories.

At the moment he cheerily condemns protesters orthe Tories.