iSK Pro Audio

Our Story

  Hi, I’m Kris, founder of iSK Pro Audio. The iSK brand is already very popular in China, and has been gaining popularity throughout Asia, Australia and Europe, but in North America it all started by accident. Here’s my story…

 Like any studio engineer, I just wanted great microphones. When I first started out, I thought that meant I had to buy expensive microphones, so that’s what I did. I purchased some expensive mics, and some mid priced mics. I wasn’t very impressed with the expensive mics, because one of my mid priced mics sounded better. So I decided not to buy any more microphones until I find a brand that I can trust for high quality at a good price. After a long time of diligent research, listening to and reading comparisons and trying out various brands, I hit the jackpot. I finally found a brand that outperformed anything else in it’s price range. I’ll refer to it as “Brand A” I had the opportunity to directly compare various models from “Brand A” side by side with the expensive boutique mics that I had, and “Brand A” was the winner of every shootout. The $350 dollar “Brand A” mic outperformed my $1600 boutique mic. I was so happy to finally end my search and start filling up my mic locker. My favorite mics from “Brand A” were their tube mics, which cost about $1000 each and sounded amazing, so I decided to buy some of them.

  Coincidentally, there was a used “Brand A” tube mic, the one I wanted, locally available in the classified’s. So I grabbed it, and negotiated the seller to also throw in the iSK mics he was also selling. I had never heard of the iSK brand, and honestly had low expectations, considering they’re inexpensive and the seller just wanted to get rid of them. The models I had were the TRM-9 tube mic, and the BM-5000 condenser. Eventually, I decided to try them out, and put the TRM-9 beside my new (used) shiny “Brand A” tube mic (which I was so happy with!) as a benchmark.

I thought something must be wrong, the TRM-9 sounds just as good! I double checked all my settings, performed the test several times over with a variety of sources.. and always the same results, I was amazed that I couldn’t pick a favorite! The TRM-9 is a fraction of the price of the “Brand A” mic, and sounds just as good! Upon testing the BM-5000, it also outperformed any other mics I had in it’s price range. So now I was double happy, the iSK mics were just as good as the “Brand A” mics, but a third of the price. Obviously, I now decided to fill my studio with iSK mics!

The problem was, they were hard to find. There was only 1 retailer in North America, ProCan Audio, but they only had very small amount of stock, and it wasn’t even the products I wanted. They had no plans of ordering in more products either. I spoke to the owner about my high opinion of the iSK brand, and how I would like to help him with marketing if he’s interested in a partnership. He was not interested in a partnership, he wanted to sell the distribution rights completely. So, I bought it, and started this business.

As the new distributor, I decided I would only sell the best valued products iSK has to offer, so I brought in a wide variety of products, and tested and compared them. We do not carry the TRM-9 because the 2B Beauty outperforms it (I didn’t think that was even possible), and is the same price. We do not carry the BM-5000 because the BM-900 is just as good, and much less expensive, and the Starlight is even better.  Every product we carry has been tested and scrutinized for quality and value. We price our products with only a small margin of profit, not only to keep it more attractive to buyers, but to make it very difficult for anyone else to offer these products at a lower price. This is also the reason our products won’t go on sale, because they are already priced as low as possible.  We often visit other studios to rep our products, and have never lost a shootout against any other mic of similar cost. For these reasons, we have a very high level of confidence that the products we sell, at iSK Pro Audio, are the best available on the market, anywhere!