Vandalism at the End of the School Year

The end of the 2018-2019 school year has come to an end. However, there still seems to people who just do not like following the rules and are rebels. On this morning of Thursday June 6, 2019, the last day of school,

there was tagging and vandalism located throughout Lincoln which consisted of some nasty remarks and even targeted the principal.

Lincoln Lion Tales interviewed Oscar Guzman to find out more about the situation. Mr. Guzman said that an investigation will be opened and that Lincoln is trying to see of they can identify the vandalists through the cameras, then go from there. Which is the normal procedure when they try to solve most investigations.

Mr Guzman said that vandalism of this type where there is tagging or graffiti tends to occur at the beginning of the school year and at the end, right when school starts or right when it ends.

He does not know who the vandalists could have been. He thinks it can be a mixture of a prank or maybe who ever did it was letting out some frustration that they had throughout the school year. Mr. Guzman can not really can not answer the question, those are just his guesses.

The vandalists will most likely face some consequences given by Lincoln and the district. They are obviously going to be written up. As well as given a citation in which through the citation they will have to pay for the damages.

Mr Guzman thinks it is a shame that students that come to school, if the vandalists were Lincoln students, do not want to keep their school clean or that they just do not care about tagging up the school no matter how bad it looked. Lincoln is a very prideful of the way the campus looks. Lincoln tries to keep it as clean and as beautiful as possible for the students.

Lincoln Lion Tales found an Instagram account who posted pictures of the vandalism. Lincoln Lion Tales reported this account to Mr. Guzman. He thanked Lion Tales and took a picture of the account.