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Add an aggressive and personal touch to your motorbike with the Tower sequential turn signals. Its shape, like an arrow, suits the most modern and bold riders. The clear lampshade enhances its LED technology, giving all the attention to its light modules. In addition, the progressive operation is the latest trend in customization for both cars and two wheels, but it also has its usefulness. When pointing outwards, the vehicles behind you see, very intuitively, where your motorbike is going.

To install our turn signals, you can do it using relays or resistors.


Technical Info Turn Signals Connections:
Most of the bikes use bi-metallic relays. Its frequency (which is the one that sets the pace of the turn signals) depend on the amperage circulating through the circuit. When replacing the turn signals from OEM to aftermarket ones which carry a difference power, consequently they vary the amperage circulation through the circuit that causes a change on the frequency of the turn signals rhythm. If otherwise, the motorcycle uses electronic relay (which frequency works independently from the amperage circulating through the circuit) the change of turn signals from OEM to aftermarket, should not affect the frequency of the turn signals rhythm.
· Note: In case of doubt of what type of relay the motorcycle uses, we recommend to check the turn signal rhythm after switching form OEM to aftermarket.

If the OEM turn signals are replaced by aftermarket ones that use incandescent bulbs, we need to check they use the same power. In case it is different, we need to replace the turn signals bulbs for others that use the same power as OEM ones. On our catalog, we have available bulbs of different power.
If the OEM turn signals are replaced by LED ones (of much less power than incandescent bulbs), we have two options to balance the frequency of rhythm:

1. Incorporate a parallel relay in the right circuit and the other on the left curcuit. If we replace four turn signals, we need to use a resistance Part# 4298O. If otherwise, only two turn signals are replaced (one on each side), we need to use a resistance Part# 4298O. The resistances are supplied with a scheme for a parallel connection.
· Note: On most of the bikes, the warning function of the bike is disabled if the resistance is used.

2. Identify the intermittent relay of the motorcycle (location and number of pins) and replace it for its corresponding from the list supplied on most of the bikes, the warning functions work correctly when the relay is replaced.
· Note: we can find some motorcycles in the market that do not have an intermittent relay, obviously in this case it cannot be replaced. Moreover, if on the blinking function intervenes more than one relay, it is possible that replacing only one relay does not solve the problem.
· Note 2: some LED turn signals flash faster than normal when connected to power (it is normal to check the polarity of the cables with the flashing function activated). To verify the actual flashing frequency, remove all power by turning the key to the “off” position and then move to the “on” position to activate the flashing function.