The all-new BMW S 1000 R belongs to the Roadster segment with the compact, flexible and powerful performance of a sports car. First launched in 2013, the model quickly affirmed the unique attraction of the German brand naked bike. Honored to rank 2nd in the “Best Sports Motorcycles 2014” poll “Best Naked Bike” organized by PS magazine – a famous motorcycle magazine in Germany, this first generation is loved by fans appreciated for the consistent Roadster design with high dynamics and emotional driving experience.

With the completely new second generation, BMW Motorrad has upgraded the BMW S 1000 R to a new level in every aspect from the new chassis, advanced technology to the modern appearance of a car from the future. The design of the BMW S 1000 R is considered the benchmark in the Roadster segment. The perfect combination of the DNA of the super sports car S 1000 RR with the distinctive personality of a multi-purpose Roadster makes the all-new S 1000 R lighter, more powerful at all rpms and easy to control. control like never before.

Possessing the advantages of a Roadster model with a comfortable seat, wider steering angle and significantly more versatility when traveling in urban areas, the BMW S 1000 R is the right choice for all needs from domestic travel. to long trips. With the radical innovation in both design, superior driving assist technology and powerful performance that have created the brand name, the all-new BMW S 10000 R will be the perfect model for those who want to drive. Drivers love the unique driving excitement that BMW Motorrad offers. In Vietnam, the all-new BMW S 1000 R is imported from Germany and genuine distribution of 2 versions Race and M Package.
The lightest Roadster in the segment with the DNA of a super sports car

The angular, sporty and dynamic design are the first impressions when admiring the all-new BMW S 1000 R. Like its predecessor, the all-new S 1000 R inherits many technical details from the senior S 1000 RR with a low front end and high clawed rear end to optimize aerodynamics and create flexible accents. difference for car.

The new design of the headlights is more compact, the front is shorter, replacing the asymmetrical design of the previous generation, making the S 1000 R significantly more aggressive and “muscular”. The lighting system is equipped with “Full LED” including angular LED headlights combined with LED daytime running lights (Daytime Riding Light). “2 in 1” integrated turn signals and taillights equipped with LED technology. Adaptive Cornering Light technology, which only appeared in the Headlight Pro equipment package of high-end sports cars, is now equipped on the all-new S 1000 R, complementing the LED lights. Inside the headlight helps to expand the light when cornering, safer for night driving.

Inheriting the most advanced Flex Frame frame from BMW Motorrad, the all-new S1000 R is 1.3 kg lighter than its predecessor, using the engine block as a bearing part to make the car stronger and more flexible, helping Improves driving feel and gives confidence to “own” the car.

With a wet weight of only 199 kg, which is 6.5 kg lighter than its predecessor and even the M Package version has a weight of 194 kg, the all-new S 1000 R is considered the lightest Roadster in the segment today. . Light weight not only makes the all-new S 1000 R flexible, but also optimizes power and increases vehicle control for the driver.

In addition to the design, the new color range also makes the all-new S 1000 R’s dynamic look stand out like never before. Besides the Race version with 2 colors with 2 different personalities including Red (Racing Red) and Gray (Hockenheim Silver Metallic), the special M Package premium version has White – Blue – Red tones (Light White/ M-Motorsport), is considered the first Roadster model of BMW Motorrad to own the iconic paint color of the globally loved M 1000 RR.

More power at all revs, more flexibility and easier control.

In the design philosophy of BMW Motorrad, maximum speed is not the only factor that is emphasized, but the feeling of driving is emphasized above all and the all-new S 1000 R is a testament to this philosophy. On the basis of the engine of the superbike S 1000 RR, the all-new 999 cc inline 4-cylinder engine block of the S 1000 R is fine-tuned to deliver a maximum capacity of 165hp at 11,000 RPM, torque 114 Nm at 9,250 RPM helps the car accelerate from 0-100 km / h in just 3.2 seconds.

The new powertrain is 5kg lighter than the previous generation with a fine-tuned transmission, the engine is optimized for mid-range power as well as the gear ratio at 4 – 5 – 6. The longer gear ratio helps the S 1000 R to limit Reduce noise as well as reduce fuel consumption when traveling long distances with EURO V standard. The car is equipped with an anti-slip clutch to help the car go up and down smoothly and reduce the phenomenon of wheel locking when “shifting gears” suddenly. The Full Floater Pro system includes new rear grips and forks that provide better feel and increase traction for the rear wheels. The DDC intelligent suspension system has now been upgraded, expanding the range of Damping according to the driving modes, automatically adjusting in 10ms, the owner of the S 1000 R can feel more clearly the smoothness when changing. change from the street to the racecourse.

State-of-the-art technology

Not only possessing the DNA of super sports cars, the all-new S 1000 R is one of the few high-end Roadster cars equipped with the most modern technology in the segment. The car is equipped with standard DTC anti-skid system, Hill Start Control, Hill Start Control, ABS Pro anti-lock braking system and 4 driving modes Rain, Road, Dynamic and Dynamic Pro suitable for many road conditions. road, along with a series of safety aids such as Engine Brake (Engine Brake), Loading Control (Power Wheelie) and DBC (Dynamic Brake Control) emergency brake support. For the first time, the engine brake control system (MSR) is equipped on the new generation S 1000 R, which electronically controls the braking force of the engine to the rear wheel, minimizing the ability to lock the rear wheel after braking and downshift fast.

The 6.5″ TFT color screen is also equipped on the all-new S 1000 R. The screen is located in an easy-to-see position and the large size shows clearly even in low light conditions. Users can choose from a variety of devices. Various screen designs, such as the Pure Ride Screen providing all the necessary information, the Core Screen showing information about the vehicle’s tilt, deceleration level and traction.In the M Package version, additional screens are provided. Core Screen shows the running time in the racetrack.

BMW S 1000 R_Outdoor(1)EDITT

Like many current models of BMW Motorrad, the all-new S 1000 R has bluetooth connectivity with smartphones using Connectivity technology, navigating right on the screen. The driver easily adjusts the parameters through the Multi-Controller knob on the control cluster to the left of the steering wheel.

A special highlight is that the all-new S 1000 R is equipped with an ultra-durable M Endurance slug that is non-abrasive, does not expand, and does not require the use of slug spray, thanks to Ta-C (Needle) material. industrial diamond) premium DLC (Diamond Like Coating).

In addition, the S 1000 R M Package version is also equipped with the high-end M Sport package including the famous Akrapovic exhaust for powerful sound, M aluminum alloy wheels, M saddle, M ultralight battery and key The Keyless Ride smart lock brings an exceptional performance experience to the all-new BMW S 1000 R.

With an improvement in driving posture, seat height at 830 cm, the all-new BMW S 1000 R improves control and is suitable for all journeys from the street, to the racetrack and even the passes. . Plus, owners of the S 1000 R will experience peak performance, cutting-edge technology from Germany and driving thrills at a more accessible price point.

Accompanying the community of BMW Motorrad enthusiasts in Vietnam

Since the beginning of 2018, THACO AUTO has become the official importer and distributor of BMW, MINI and BMW Motorrad brands in Vietnam. Possessing experience in automobile production and business activities and close cooperation with BMW Group, THACO AUTO has invested synchronously and comprehensively to improve quality in sales, after-sales and care activities. customer care. Along with that, BMW Motorrad has continuously introduced new products, which are especially popular with customers around the world and in Vietnam such as R 1250 GS, R 1250 GSA, S 1000 RR, F 900 XR, F 900 R , C 400 X and C 400 GT. In particular, the BMW S 1000 RR is considered one of the most attractive Sportbike models in the 1000cc segment. Following the success of the famous man, the launch of the all-new BMW S 1000 R this November will surely make a distinct impression with its generous Roadster style and exciting experiences. for BMW Motorrad enthusiasts.

With a genuine BMW Motorrad showroom system spread across the country with long experience and strong potential, THACO AUTO will continuously improve service quality, creating new and more interesting playgrounds for the purpose of connecting. BMW Motorrad enthusiasts community in Vietnam is true to the spirit of “Make Life A Ride”, enjoy and experience the rides.

The all-new BMW S 1000 R will be imported from Germany and distributed genuine in the Vietnamese market with the price including VAT from 669 million VND for the Race version, 759 million VND for the M Package version. All models are covered by a 3-year unlimited km warranty.